Wizard Rock

What if Harry Potter played guitar?

Wizard Rock

Calling all Wizard Wrockers. What is your favorite genre of Wizard Wrock? Some people want to keep with the themes that originate with the films while others want to branch out. Why shouldn’t we Wrock out to classical? Don’t you think that Beethoven was a wizard? And why limit it to classical? Can you imagine a country version Harry Potter. Maybe you should check out some piano teacher websites and see what they can contribute to the Wizard universe of music. although I think most Wrockers want want Harry to Rock & Roll! Who are your favorite Wrockers? We invite you to leave your comments. The best music that we have seen comes from our fan base. If you are a Wizard Wroker, post some of you music on this site and your fellow Wrockers will offer their critiques of how good it is. Wizard Wrock is here to stay but only if you will participate. How about Pop Wrock? Break out your instruments, whether you play piano, guitar, drums, dulcimer, flute, whatever! Be creative use your voice, form a band. Just don’t sit there waiting to hear the newest Wrock, get out there and make some. You’ll be glad that you did. Who knows, you may become rich and famous.But it won’t happen if you just set there doing nothing. Get up and make some music now.

Wizard rock is rock music  that evolved after the famous Harry Potter movies starting in 2002. The Genre is known for  bands performing  humorous songs  about the mega famous Harry Potter movie series. Wizard rock (also known as Wrock) was conceived and cultivated in Massachusetts a group named  “HARRY AND THE POTTERS BAND”,  the silly band caught on and now is emulated world wide.  Wizard rock embraces a self directed ethic, most bands self-produce  their music and use social networks channels for distribution.


The most famous music groups for the genre include, Draco and the Malfoys, Harry and the Potters, Wingardium Leviosa, The Remus Lupins, the Whomping Willows, Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills, Gred and Forge, Tonks and the Aurors, Swish and Flick,  Ministry of Magic, The Moaning Myrtles, The Parselmouths, and Kingsley and the Shacklebolts. However, Harry and the Potters is by far the most famous of all bands in teh Genre.

Lyrics and Tempo characteristics

Wrock songs many times take the paradigm of a choosen charater from the Harry Potter Series . In contrast to other genres where  references have a much wider subject matter wrock music bands inspiration is solely  hailed from  Harry Potter stories.

Style and Showmanship

When performing live, wizard rock bands often role-playing , or dress up as, one of the many characters from the movie series. To promote reading of the novels, many Wrock groups like to perform in bookstores, schools and libraries . The bands are very popular at the many fan conventions offered every year..

History of Wrock

Conventional wisdom says that the earliest Wrock  song  was written in 2000 in L.A. by “Switchblade Kittens” The song  “Ode to Harry” was written  from the perspective of Ginny Weasleys

Wrock ( Wizzard Rock) originated the Harry Potter-themed band which became the genesis of the subculture composed of fans of the Books who characterized by a feeling of sympathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest centering around wizard rock. WROCK  at the end of 2009 has grown to at least 750 bands.


We have lots more polls. As you travel check out all the cool results.. Check it from Anywhere, Mexico, the U.S. even Singapore.


In searching the web and the world far and wide to bring you the very latest in Wizard Rock news, we’ve also conducted some interviews with bands and big names in the Wizard Rock community. This page is an archive of them for your reading enjoyment!


Here’s a list of the wizard rock bands we’ve heard from! If you’re not on here and you want to get listed, e-mail our head writer, Bart, at Bart@wizardrock.org ASAP! We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to include pictures and links to your stuff on the web.

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The Seven Ten  Things About Wrockstock

7. Harry Potter never showed

6. It’s is seriously in BFE

5. Cover Charge

4. There’s very little sell out to corporate sponsorship

3. If your gonna spin off Woodstock have more muddy unshowered sex and mind bending drug use.

2. It’s is the result of a small group of dedicated people

1. Any leftover profit goes to charities


» What is this site?
WizardRock.org is the premier information site for the genre of music known as wizard rock, as well as a place for fans and musicians alike to gather. We would like to say that we are the first Wizard Rock site but sadly our friend Tess from realwizardrock.com beat us to it, so we’ll settle for the premier Wizard Rock site.

» What is Wizard Rock?
Wizard Rock is a genre of music inspired by the works of J.K. Rowling, author of the popular Harry Potter book series. The first known wizard rock band was Harry and the Potters, founded by brothers Joe and Paul DeGeorge after all the bands intending to come to a backyard rock show Joe was organizing canceled. The brothers quickly wrote a bunch of songs to perform for the audience, and wizard rock was born.

Since then, many other wizard rock bands have formed. Many, like Harry and the Potters, are named for a specific character and sing songs from their point of view. Many also dress up like the character for performances.

Matt of The Whomping Willows put it best:

There are no BAD Wizard Rock bands. Half of these bands are just kids f*cking around with garage band or whatever free program they can get their hands on. Half of these bands are populated by kids who are just learning to play an instrument and record music. The beauty of Wizard Rock is that for many of the bands, it’s nothing more than a LEARNING EXPERIENCE. We, as the elder statespeople of Wizard Rock, should not be encouraging young people to worry about categorization and public image. We should be encouraging them to HAVE FUN.

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