Wizard Rock

What if Harry Potter played guitar?

Wrockin The Piano

Calling all Wizard Wrockers. What is your favorite genre of Wizard Wrock? Some people want to keep with the themes that originate with the films while others want to branch out. Why shouldn’t we Wrock out to classical? Don’t you think that Beethoven was a wizard? And why limit it to classical? Can you imagine a country version Harry Potter. Maybe you should check out some piano teacher websites and see what they can contribute to the Wizard universe of music. although I think most Wrockers want want Harry to Rock & Roll! Who are your favorite Wrockers? We invite you to leave your comments. The best music that we have seen comes from our fan base. If you are a Wizard Wroker, post some of you music on this site and your fellow Wrockers will offer their critiques of how good it is. Wizard Wrock is here to stay but only if you will participate. How about Pop Wrock? Break out your instruments, whether you play piano, guitar, drums, dulcimer, flute, whatever! Be creative use your voice, form a band. Just don’t sit there waiting to hear the newest Wrock, get out there and make some. You’ll be glad that you did. Who knows, you may become rich and famous.But it won’t happen if you just set there doing nothing. Get up and make some music now.

I believe in Nargles Too Luna!

So Luna is one of those kinda hot chicks in High School that was just too weird to really fit in but never really cared.. I think she is a really great character

Death with Bubbles?

A little perv ghost is doing peep shows in this song.. Moaning Myrtle is called that for a reason? really? wow……

The Bravest Man I ever knew. Yes Snapes!

So the back story is an amazing. It’s not one of evil like he is made out to be.. It is a love story between him and Lilly. He sacrifies himself to defeat Evil and the woman who chose his enemy over him