Wizard Rock

What if Harry Potter played guitar?

I believe in Nargles Too Luna!

So Luna is one of those kinda hot chicks in High School that was just too weird to really fit in but never really cared.. I think she is a really great character

Death with Bubbles?

A little perv ghost is doing peep shows in this song.. Moaning Myrtle is called that for a reason? really? wow……

The Bravest Man I ever knew. Yes Snapes!

So the back story is an amazing. It’s not one of evil like he is made out to be.. It is a love story between him and Lilly. He sacrifies himself to defeat Evil and the woman who chose his enemy over him

Snape vs. Snape lyrics

Ministry of Music talks about how Snape can’t be changed by people but only himself knows how brave he is.  This is a really great Duet… lots of energy

Could have been a Wizard Rock Heart Throb

This is a funny song put out by the “Willow Womping” he goes on to say that he needs to be better looking to get with the hot chicks of Wrock while Traveling

Back to Back Wrock Music

Back to Back Wrock Music

Ep.100 Part 1. Back to Back Wrock Music

1. I’m going to Hogwarts By DJ AcCiO
2.Wizard Rock By The Remus Lupins
3.Fire & Water By Split Seven Ways
4. Red Hair Remix By The proverb of Puremuggles
5.Fate of Sererus By The Remus Lupins

6. End of Era By Oliver and the Rememberbralls
7.Accio Love By Ministry of Magic
8.Accio Deathy Hallows By Brotherhood 2
9.Alone By The Butterbeer Experience
10. Bellatrix is Rubbish By The remus Lupins

11.Be My Dementor By The Curse Breakers
12.But I do Love you By Blue and Yellow Wand
13.Butterbeer and Harry and the Potters Song together
14.Christmas Mirror By The Butter Beer Experience
15.Crurio By the unforgivable curses

16.Dementor’s Kiss By Blue and Yellow Wand
17.Dumbledor 50 Points From Slytherin
18.Dumbledor is Gay By Justin Finch-Fletchley & The Sugar Quills
19.Escape from Azkban By Ministry of Magic
20.For Now By Obliveate!

21,Four of Us By Creevey Crisis
22. GodSpeed,Prive Drive By The Department of Rock
23. Harry Is Grumy By The Curse Breakers
24. Here in Your Car By Ministry of Magic
25. Hey Neville By Draco and the Malfoys

26.Harry Potter By Blue and Yellow Wand
27.I heart the Weasley By Ministry of Magic

More song in Part 2 coming out on the 16 of April, 2008

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