Wizard Rock

What if Harry Potter played guitar?


Hey Everyone. Marisha here (Blue and Yellow Wand WROCK Band).

I just want to tell everyone I have two new FILKS songs out on my MORE Blue and Yellow Wand Filks Songs Page. There are Called “Please Harry Please Remember” (Lily and James love song to Harry. To tell him to Remember them and they Love him so much) and “The Right Kind of Wrong” (Bellatrix loves song to Voldy( the Dark Lord). She is Tell him hope much she loves him and she will do anything for him. No Matter what the cost is.)

So Another New filk song. Call “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” ( It is a Love song from Remus to Tonks). I love this one. So Look for that later on this week.

Oh If you haven’t finger it out all this songs are from the soundtrack of “Coyte Ugly”. Yeah I am in in to Leann Rmeys a little. I love the Movie , and when I heard this songs I thought I can turn these song to Wrock Songs. Well I hope you like them.

Here is the link to them : http://www.myspace.com/blueandyellowwandsongsupplemental

and a link to My Main Wrock Band Page: http://www.myspace.com/blueandyellowwand

Ok Enjoy.

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