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Marked as His Equal to Release Second Album May 6, 2008

San Diego, CA, April 22, 2008 – Marked as His Equal, the first San Diego Wizard Rock band, has announced the release of his second album, Never Say Goodbye, due out May 6, 2008. Never Say Goodbye will be available for purchase online through Marked as His Equal’s website and at concerts throughout the summer.

Never Say Goodbye expands Marked as His Equal’s musical repertoire, adding complexity, depth, and power to the band’s established roots-rock sound. The addition of mandolin and percussion brings fullness and fun to the new album. The subject matter has also expanded to include more of the Harry Potter book series and the Wizard Rock fan culture.

“Never Say Goodbye, the second release by Marked as His Equal, fulfills the promise the band made with their first album. Clearly the term ‘sophomore slump’ is not in this band’s vocabulary,” says Joseph Tracey, international recording artist and former independent music critic.

Marked as His Equal will perform several national concerts this year, including Florida SuperCon in May, Portus 2008 in July, A Harry Potter Birthday event in July, and Wrock the Boat in October.

For additional information on Marked as His Equal and Never Say Goodbye, contact Mark or visit www.myspace.com/markedashisequal.

Marked as His Equal is a San Diego-based Wizard Rock (a genre of music about the book and film series Harry Potter) band founded in April of 2007. The band consists of one member, San Diegan Mark Wischkaemper, and plays acoustic roots rock.

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